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I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears.
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The origins in the future, the future in the origins

Elegance in the journey

Veiled sun, light breeze`` was the phrase that the caretaker used to say by opening the seven doors of the house where his family lived to prepare them for the day, never before sunrise and with a waking-up to which they could be present relatives, acquaintances, suppliers from various parts of the world or important authorities ...
A. Baricco - The young bride

Imaginary of other times, protagonists’ Italian families that with resourcefulness exceed the boundaries, cross the world, discover new cultures, confront each other, know each other, then come back and enrich their manufacturing and craft traditions thanks to the discoveries made.


A journey that starts from the lands of Cashmere, stops among the Limbu of Nepal, caresses the colourful “Dhaka” characterized by beautiful geometric patterns, and then still in the Far East, in search of camel wool, to end up in the Andes learn the secrets of the precious fibres of vicuña and alpaca, which the Inca exclusively devote to the garments of the Kings.


A long and suggestive journey, then, and a return. A reinterpretation, through the stylistic codes that distinguish Malo from decades: inspiration and essence of this collection.


Precious cashmere, authentic materials, coming from afar and bringing with them histories, traditions and inspirations, create garments worked with skill and dexterity by the expert Italian workers of Malo.


Yarns that interweave in knitted garments with three-dimensional stitches, braids, inlays, soft reliefs and embroidered jacquards, give life to a refined elegance, timeless, unique and refined. Senses to wear and to taste.


Coats with sartorial cuts, double face. Then stand out the precious woven cardigans and the innovative camel veil jacket, inserted under a layer of transparent PVC.


Collection declined in a palette of so much white, natural colours combined with shades of grey, camel shades accompanied by intense, spicy, textured colours.


The consolidated tradition of Malo evolves and moves towards an even more refined aesthetic, which combines the most traditional manual art, testimony of its origins, to contemporary refinement.


Proud of their past and enthusiastic about the future path, the search for a balance that knowingly knows how to evolve.