The promise of Malo is 100 per cent Made in Italy. 

It’s a statement which deservedly holds great cachet.  Why?  Because the quality produced is unmatched and the know-how achieved in Malo’s Italian manufacturing premises is unique in its kind.

With its own production bases near Florence and Piacenza, skilled teams, quality and taste constantly monitored, debated and upgraded, that cachet will be guaranteed.

Made in Italy ignites the imagination. The clement weather, the gentle rolling hills of Tuscany, the exceptional cuisine, the glamour of fashion, contemporary design and the outstanding history of art and architecture all contribute to the allure.

From the beauty of Florence, to the splendor of Botticelli, from Leonardo da Vinci to the wow of the Ferrari, Made in Italy brings with it a reference system of values unique in its kind.  What underlines the magic is an appreciation of a lifestyle infused with sensuality, quality, passion and intuition.

Malo carries those features: the finest cashmere made to delight refined senses.


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