“Il faut être léger

comme l ‘oiseau et non comme la plume” Paul Valery


If we are really made of the same substance of which dreams are made of, then we can only wear lightness, a cloud, a metaphor, an allegory, a symbol. With our senses we want to see with our eyes closed, to touch grace. We search for lightness as a reaction to the weight of living, like a dream to cling to, a miraculous journey, one minute of salvation. So cashmere comforts us and rewards us.
The tenacious caress, a gentle and bated hug, a perfect relationship between beauty and function, it is the soul of the form, allegorical intelligence, doubt and tolerance, imagination and distinction. Matter that satisfies all the senses, it is the ultimate lightness, softness by definition, warmth of its very nature.
The magic starts in the craggy hinterland of Outer Mongolia and with the cashmere goats which are reared and shepherded in the region. Malo’s yarns are created from the highest quality cashmere fibre which is gathered by hand when this indigenous breed of goat sheds its winter coat in the early months of spring.
The cashmere goat produces a double fleece consisting of a coarse outer coat and an undercoat of soft, downy inner hair. The silken hairs are separated out from the coarser outer hair in a time consuming process.
The duvet, that smallest portion of hair that blends lightness, elasticity and resistance, becomes the most precious cashmere only after it has been spun and dyed in the Tuscany workshops.
Malo imports directly from specialist manufacturers. The yarn is then washed and treated in Italy, the water softening the fibres further.  Specific dyes and melange yarns of cashmere and silk, cotton or wool are developed exclusively for Malo.
Weaving is the final process carried out by using traditional looms as well as avant-garde machinery, both are able to prepare highly refined garments.
This latter phase demonstrates the harmony between technique and tradition Made in Italy which makes Malo an innovative and unmistakable brand. Cashmere ribbons braided by hand on knitted fabric which, thanks to the experience and craftsmanship, create different shapes, weaves and patterns.
From the conception of new machinery to weave the very fine threads, which are managed skillfully and with originality and in no way diminishes hand finishing (link al video “A Cashmere Tale Preview):  this is the gesture that accompanies the birth of all Malo garments.
Besides cashmere, Malo searches for the finest yarns for its collections: from silk to linen, going through the world of cotton and its many creations.


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