Interview with Eleonora Carisi, Italy’s most famous blogger

by Alessandro Berga

Eleonora Carisi, Italy’s most famous blogger, started working in fashion stores at just 14. She began working in PR after university and seven years ago took over the You You Store in Turin.
Carisi’s blog, Jou Jou Villeroy, has garnered an army of adoring readers since she launched in 2010. Less well known is her former role as stylist and consultant for Diesel and the PennyBlack store in Turin. Most recently, she modelled and styled for Jimmy Choo’s 24:7 campaign and Roberto Cavalli’s ‘I LOCK YOUR LOVE’ capsule collection.
The ‘sexy’ part is obvious, but this charmante girl also has an easy Anouk Aimée-meets-Jane Birkin sweet brunette vibe about her.
This Christmas Eleonora embraces MALO’s unique, cozy, romantic fashions.

Street style is a portrait. What makes a great street style shot?

The candidness of a shot and how it with becomes one with the subject and how the surrounding environment relates to the clothes. Beauty is a matter of opinion, but everything you create when you take a photograph is by nature interesting and thought-provoking. When you capture an evocative street style image you are capturing a unique, intense, unforgettable and unrepeatable moment. What makes a street style shot great is the intimacy between the photographer and the subject. Street style comes from the street and that’s where it is created and ends up.

Which blogs other than your own do you check on a regular basis?

I spend hours on Pinterest and Tumblr. I look for unique images that take me on an imaginary journey, that convey emotion and reflect my mood. I collect images on my Pinterest boards that speak to me, whether on a sleepless night or on a day when I can’t escape the glare of light. I can easily get lost in the pink nuances of a rose, the whiteness of a white house and the black darkness of an object. I like symbols, patterns, structures, houses, gardens, and lately I’ve found a passion for food style. It’s easy to find new and creative foodie ideas given how popular food has become on blogs and social websites. I get some good ideas for tasty recipes, too!

What is your favorite fashion week to shoot?

My favorite one would be London because it is a platform for up-and-coming designers and new inspiration. The city has a lot to offer, but it has yet to find its place in fashion week and is often overshadowed by Milan and Paris. But London is strong, with a unique style, and has deep roots that I’m certain will help it find its own space, like the space it’s carve out in my heart. During London Fashion Week, you never know where you’ll end up: in a meticulously-tended little garden or by a lake in Hyde Park, or in a house dating back to the 1900s, or a modern space in the financial district. There’s something for everyone and it’s a huge source of inspiration.

Whose style has influenced your own?

I am inspired by the things around me. People, travel, experiences. I absolutely love traveling and I consider myself a good observer. When I travel I love to observe people without making myself noticed. I get inspiration from places or settings or tastes I experience for the first time, new customs and culture. I’m inspired by books, photographs, women of the past, stories from the ‘50s, soul music. Every day I inspire my own style and grow from it.

What’s your golden style rule?

I don’t think there is any such thing as a golden rule. The secret is to be aware of your body. I always wear clothes that I feel are a part of me, that make me feel good and make me feel confident. My motto has always been freetobeyou, in other words free to not be afraid or at least to be less afraid. Free to jump into the river, cross it with big strokes and reach the other side. My rule is that there are no rules. My rule is to follow my heart and go with the flow of whatever emotions I feel in the morning and let them dictate what I’m going to wear that day. How you look says a lot about you, before you even open your mouth.

What will your key MALO Fall Winter 2013 2014 pieces?

A blue cashmere skirt paired with a ribbed, off-white sweater – perfect for work or a stroll along the lake! Delicate and soft fabrics that envelop the body without feeling heavy, and exquisite cashmere that makes you feel the comfort of home, a feature that’s especially important for women who travel a lot. Or the comfort of a pair of soft cashmere socks and oversized sweaters. I can imagine wearing these as we get into the spirit of the holidays, maybe in the mountains in front of a fireplace with a steaming cup of green tea and a good book. What better way to spend time than by pampering yourself.

Who is the MALO girl?

She is someone who is able to take care of herself, elegant, reserved and refined. She is the kind of woman who deals with city life, work, friends and family day in and day out, but during the weekend, she takes time out for herself and loses herself in magical, snow-covered mountain settings.

Alessandro Berga

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