The know-how acquired in nearly forty years of history

is the basis of Malo, which uses the best Italian artisans.

The company has two manufacturing bases: one located outside Florence and the other near Piacenza. Both cities have a worldwide reputation for excellence served by hubs of technicians and artisans.

The Malo production centres employ a highly specialist workforce. Instinct and knowledge have been honed through the decades and generations and built up through constant commitment and research.

The pool of talent means the design studio can be fast in developing ideas, experimenting with new yarns, patterns and perfecting knits. Italy’s passion and interest in driving products forward to be the very best is writ large at Malo.

Luxury at Malo also means a harmonious cross-fertilization between artisan makers who create the hand knit elements with the very best in technological, computer driven production.

Hand work is not just witnessed in special, limited edition designs. At all levels, hand and machine, brain and computer work in harmony, to create the exceptional sense of Malo luxury.

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